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A frequently skipped step in the care of facial hair, is the use of Beard Oil and Beard Balm. To soften and relax your facial hair in order to tame the wild hairs, a Quality Beard Oil is key. Softening your facial hairs makes it less brittle. Resulting in less breakage with fewer hairs falling out. You can grow a fuller, healthier beard with just the addition of this simple step in your beard care routine. With it’s additional Shea Butter and Beeswax, a Quality Beard Balm has the ability to control those stubborn beard hairs that don’t want to cooperate. The addition of Beard Balm to your routine, is not designed to be a replacement of Beard Oil. The use of Beard Balm, is to add the ability to mildly sculpt your facial hair and control stubborn hairs.

Commitment to Quality

Rugged Mountain Crafts utilizes only High Quality ingredients and materials while crafting our Beard Care Products. Our simplistic packaging, ensures that your cost is targeted to the Finest Quality Products on the market. Not overpriced and unnecessary variables that would sacrifice value. We strive to bring you Premium end-products, so we begin with Premium raw materials.