Commitment to Value

The Mission

When we started crafting Men’s Grooming products, we had a few goals. A Quality Product that works, a pleasant aroma to men and women (they have to smell you too), and reasonably priced. As stated in “Our Story”, the quality aspect was a success. As for the aroma, we get great feedback from both genders. Right now, “The Backwoods” and “Lemongrass Refresh” are the most popular scents.

The last goal (reasonably priced) was going to be the biggest challenge. “Where’s the printed box”? Do you want to pay for a printed box, multicolor label, and pamphlets? Let’s be honest, it’s in the cost to the consumer when these items are with the product. We eliminated the box by attaching all required information directly to the product. Our simplistic label design, makes in-house printing cost efficient. Our Website is designed to be as informative as possible, eliminating printed literature. If you do not see the answer to your question, contact us. We put numerous links throughout our Website, to make it easier for you to reach out to us. All these steps were taken to succeed in our overall mission of a better value. You are paying for the Quality inside the package. After all, the package has nothing to do with the health of your beard. The contents does.