Our Story

The Founder of Rugged Mountain Crafts has been in Business Ownership and Management since 1994. Rugged Mountain Crafts was established offering Handcrafted products locally.

As a beard grower for the past few decades, he had experienced some the same challenges that some men still struggle with, (mustache curled upwards, beard hair went sideways, and just plain scruffy looking). As a Craftsman, he looked at products on the market as a solution, but realized that he could create a higher quality product at a better value. With this mission in view, Rugged Mountain Crafts expanded into the Men’s Grooming product-line.

After testing numerous blends, we offer the combination that solved all those issues. Testing expanded to friends that were interested in our products, with great results. After getting extremely positive feedback, and being able to physically see the outcome, Rugged Mountain Crafts put the Men’s Grooming product-line on the market locally.

As of the onset of 2018, our Men’s Grooming products have gone national. Our commitment to you, is to continue the same High Quality Standards that made our Men’s Grooming product-line a success.