2oz Beard Oil/2oz Whipped Beard Butter/Beard Cleanse Combo Pack


Included in this Combo Pack:

  • 2oz Bottle of our Premium Beard Oil (your choice of scents)
  • 2oz jar of our Premium Whipped Beard Butter (your choice of scents)
  • 8oz bottle of our All-Natural Beard Cleanse
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Rugged Mountain Crafts Beard Oil is a hydrating blend of moisturizing oils. Crafted to soften and relax your facial hair, our Beard Oil should be used daily for best results. We add beneficial All-Natural Essential Oils to promote a healthy beard with a great fragrance.

With a lightweight blend of Shea Butter and our moisturizing Carrier Oil, our Whipped Beard Butter gives you the moisture and protection from the elements, needed in those environments where Beard Oil is not enough. How light is it? We package a 2oz portion in a 4oz jar, due to its fluffy texture. That’s lightweight!

Rugged Mountain Crafts Beard Cleanse is an All-Natural Beard and Face Wash. With a deep cleaning, moderate lather,  our Beard Cleanse is crafted to moisturize while it removes dirt and oils from your beard and face. Our tested and proven formula has shown to be gentle enough for the face, but tough enough for the entire body.



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Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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